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Hello everyone! I am in the midst of medical school applications and have wanted to share content with what I’m learning in my nutrition courses, but I am prioritizing my future this time. ūüôā That being said, listening to podcasts has became part of my daily routine. Since there’s not much for weekly TV shows to look forward to in 2020, I find myself looking forward to weekly podcast releases.

In this post, you’re going to find my favorite podcasts, where to find them, and when they’re released. Enjoy!

News Pods:

+ NPR News Now: 5-minute international news updates, updated hourly. I love this for a quick get-in-the-loop refresh.

NPR News: 08-01-2021 5AM ET NPR News Now

NPR News: 08-01-2021 5AM ET

+ The Daily: produced by the New York Times, Michael Babaro. A hot-topic news discussion eloquently hosted. Another great refresh for what’s happening in the world. Podcast episodes are released daily, on weekdays, and sometimes bonus episodes on the weekend.

From Opinion: Nikole Hannah-Jones and Ta-Nehisi Coates on the Story We Tell About America The Daily

You’ve heard the 1619 podcast right here on The Daily. And we’ve covered the backlash to the 1619 Project and the battle over critical race theory that followed. In this interview, Ezra Klein, an Opinion columnist at The New York Times and host of The Ezra Klein Show, speaks with Nikole Hannah-Jones and Ta-Nehisi Coates about these skirmishes, and how they have gripped our national discourse. At the heart of the conversation in this episode is the question: How do we understand American history?Each Tuesday and Friday for New York Times Opinion, Ezra Klein invites you into a conversation on something that matters. Subscribe to the show wherever you listen to podcasts. 
  1. From Opinion: Nikole Hannah-Jones and Ta-Nehisi Coates on the Story We Tell About America
  2. The Story of Simone Biles
  3. Why Is China Expanding Its Nuclear Arsenal?
  4. The Saga of Congress’s Jan. 6 Investigation
  5. The Vaccine Mandate Conundrum

Medicine Pods:

+ Nutrition Rounds: hosted by Danielle Belardo, a newly-minted cardiologist and vegan, you learn the facts about the integration of nutrition into medicine from an evidence-based approach. Basically my two favorite things. Dr. Belardo has several guests on to discuss their domains. Episodes are released variously.

Episode 4- Eminence versus Evidence Based Nutrition Nutrition Rounds Podcast

Hosted by: Dr. Danielle Belardo¬† Instagram:¬†@daniellebelardomd Twitter:¬†@dbelardomd Facebook:¬†Dr. Danielle Belardo, MD Danielle Belardo is a Preventive Cardiologist in Newport Beach, CA Learn more about Dr. Belardo here Read Dr. Belardo's Blog here: https://d-belardo-md.medium.com/ ¬† Produced by: Dr. Kasey Johnson Instagram:¬†@drkaseyjohnson ¬† ¬† A discussion on evidence based nutrition with Kevin Klatt, PhD, RD Before todays episode starts, we want to acknowledge the 122,000 Americans who have lost their lives to COVID19.¬†¬†We acknowledge the great challenge that those in healthcare and others on the front lines are facing, as well as the many individuals who have lost a loved one to COVID19.¬†¬†Our hearts also go out to the many lives affected by the sequelae of the pandemic, including the many individuals who have lost their jobs, and have been under financial and psychological stress. We DENOUNCE incidents of racism and violence that continue to ravage the black community.¬†We want to acknowledge the heart breaking murder of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and countless others who have lost their lives to longstanding systemic racism.¬†¬†We stand behind the black community who have our endless support.¬†¬†Black lives matter. Please support black owned businesses and charities if you are financially able to at this time. Scroll down our show notes for an extensive list of black vegan influencers and black owned vegan businesses. ¬† Eminence versus Evidence Based Nutrition. This interview is an important one. Nutrition science can be so confusing. With so many dietary groups advocating for various different dietary patterns, how do we know what to believe? Nutrition science is a complex living organism, and we are working on projects to help get the accurate scientific information out there. About Kevin Klatt, PhD, RD ‚Äď Co Director of Research and Education at IOPBM He is the recipient of the inaugural Dennis Bier, MD Young Career Editor for The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition! This one of the most prestigious accomplishments in Academic Nutrition in the world. Kevin is a Cornell and NIH trained PhD, RD, and current scientist at Baylor College of Medicine, and is one of the worlds most respected nutrition scientists. We are honored to have him on our team at IOPBM. About Learn with IOPBM Courses (everyone) learn.iopbm.org Courses | CME/CE https://learn.iopbm.org/cme ¬† Full Time Students, dietetic interns, & residents and fellows in training get 30% off https://learn.iopbm.org/students ¬† Black Lives Matter. Support & Amplify Black Vegans.¬† Follow on Instagram: @doctor.tarr @iye.loves.life @Veganstreetfair @domzthompson @badassvegan @berryvegandelights @whereitallvegan @joveganista @powerplantkitchen @too_good_eats @juice.ave @cbivegan @nilevegan @willowbeezsoulveg @plantbasedlifestylecafe @thevegandoughnutco Black-Owned Vegan Food CompaniesAtlas Monroe¬†(Nationwide) Aya Raw¬†(San Diego, CA)Better Chew¬†(Bay Area, CA) BGab‚Äôs Goodies¬†(Chicago, IL) Coco Luv Vegan Cookies¬†(nationwide) Eat Project Pop¬†(Nationwide) Good Girl Chocolate¬†(Nationwide) Golde¬†(Nationwide) Green Soma¬†(Atlanta, GA) Hella Nuts¬†(Nationwide) Houston Sauce Co.¬†(Nationwide) kub√© Nice Cream¬†(Nationwide) Mac & Yease¬†(Nationwide)¬† Maya‚Äôs Cookies¬†(Nationwide) Misha‚Äôs Kind Foods¬†(Los Angeles, CA) More Life Liquid¬†(Bonita, CA) Mylk Dog¬†(Nationwide) Rooted Delights¬†(Nationwide)¬† Southern Roots¬†(Nationwide) The No Cookie¬†(Nationwide) Way to Life Foods¬†(California + nationwide shipping) Black-Owned Vegan Grocery StoresGreen Taste Vegan Goods¬†(San Francisco, CA) Larayia‚Äôs Bodega¬†(Los Angeles, CA) No Carne Bodega¬†(The Bronx, NY) Sunshine‚Äôs Health Food Store and Deli¬†(Houston, TX) S√úPRMARKT¬†(Los Angeles, CA) The SV Market¬†(Nationwide) Vegan Fine Foods¬†(Fort Lauderdale, FL) Vegan‚Äôs Delight¬†(The Bronx, NY) VegSide Mkt¬†(Houston, TX) V Marks the Shop¬†(Philadelphia, PA) Black-Owned Vegan Beauty Brands¬† Base Butter¬† Beauty Bakerie Bombd Aesthetics Candy x Paints Dimension Nails Doubledown Cosmetics Ecoslay Emaje Naturals¬† Foxie Cosmetics Hello Aloe Naturals Loving CultureJacq‚Äôs Janet and Jo¬† JD Glow Cosmetics¬† Jos√©phine Kaike Kinky-Curly Klarity Kosmetics¬† Lovinah Skincare Mented Cosmetics Mudd Beauty Nola Skinsentials Obia Naturals OrganiGrowHairCo Oshun Organics Range Beauty Ressentir Cosmetics Refinne Silkt√°ge Suite Eleven The Vegan Esthetician Spa The Wellness Apothecary True Moringa Black-Owned Vegan RestaurantsA Live Kitchen¬†(Laurelton, NY) A Piece of Soul¬†(Columbia, SC)Azla Ethiopian Eatery¬†(Los Angeles, CA) Belmont Vegetarian¬†(Worcester, MA) Blueberry Cafe¬†(Newark, NJ) Bunna Cafe¬†(Brooklyn, NY) Can‚Äôt Believe It‚Äôs Not Meat¬†(Chicago, IL) Compton Vegan¬†(Compton & Los Angeles, CA) DaJen Eats¬†(Eatonville, FL) Dirty Lettuce¬†(Portland, OR) Detroit Vegan Soul¬†(Detroit, MI) Drop Squad Kitchen¬†(Wilmington, DE) ELife Restaurant¬†(Washington, DC & Capitol Heights, MD) Gigi‚Äôs Vegan Cafe¬†(Kansas City, MO) Go Vegan Grill¬†(Atlanta, GA) Greedi Kitchen¬†(Brooklyn, NY) Greedi To Go¬†(Brooklyn, NY) Green Gene Vegan Cafe¬†(Albuquerque, NM) Green Seed Vegan¬†(Houston, TX) Grenville Kitchen¬†(Jacksonville, FL) Happy Apple Cafe¬†(Kansas City, MO) Happy Ice¬†(Los Angeles, CA) Humaitree House¬†(Augusta, GA) ITSO Vegan¬†(Grand Prairie, TX) Jackfruit Cafe¬†(Los Angeles, CA) Jikoni Cafe¬†(Norfolk, VA) Judahlicious¬†(San Francisco, CA) Juju‚Äôs Vegan¬†(Lincoln, NE) Juices for Life¬†(New York City, NY) Kale Cafe¬†(Daytona, FL) Life Bistro¬†(Atlanta, GA) Lindiana‚Äôs Souther Vegan Kitchen¬†(Houston, TX)¬† Lov‚Äôn It Live¬†(East Point, GA) Majani¬†(Chicago, IL) Meme‚Äôs Twisted Potato¬†(Little Rock, AK) Munchies Diner¬†(Santa Ana, CA) Natural Blend Vegan Cafe¬†(Brooklyn, NY) Natural Oasis¬†(Rochester, NY) Nola Vegan¬†(New Orleans, LA) NuVegan Cafe¬†(Washington, DC) Oasis Vegan Veggie Parlor¬†(Boston, MA) One World Beat Cafe¬†(San Diego, CA) Original Soul Vegetarian¬†(Chicago, IL) Plant-Based Pizzeria¬†(Atlanta, GA) Plum Bistro¬†(Seattle, WA) Quickie Too¬†(Tacoma, WA) Rahel Ethiopian Vegan Cuisine¬†(Los Angeles, CA) Ras Plant Based¬†(Brooklyn, NY) Rawtopian Bliss¬†(Columbia, SC) Refocused¬†(Baltimore, MD) Seasoned Vegan¬†(New York City, NY) Senbeb Cafe¬†(Washington, DC) Senses Vegan¬†(Norfolk, VA) Simply Pure¬†(Las Vegas, NV) Slutty Vegan¬†(Atlanta, GA) Sol Sips¬†(Brooklyn, NY) Soul Food Vegan¬†(Houston, TX) Soul Good Vegan Cafe¬†(Durham, NC) Souley Vegan¬†(Oakland, CA) Soul Vegetarian¬†(Atlanta, GA) Spoiled Vegans¬†(San Diego, CA) Sprout Natural Choice¬†(Catonsville, MD) Stuff I Eat¬†(Inglewood, CA) Sunshine Vegan Eats¬†(Buffalo, NY) Sunset Kava¬†(San Diego, CA) Super Juiced¬†(Oakland, CA) Sweet & Natural¬†(Mount Rainier, MD) Sweet Soulfood Nola Vegan Cuisine¬†(New Orleans, LA) T&T Lifestyle¬†(Los Angeles, CA) Tassili‚Äôs Raw Reality¬†(Atlanta, GA) The Greener Kitchen¬†(Baltimore, MD) The GruB Factory¬†(Baltimore, MD) The Land of Kush¬†(Baltimore, MD) The New Vegan¬†(Delray Beach, FL) The Nile Cafe¬†(Philadelphia, PA) The Queen‚Äôs Table¬†(El Paso, TX)¬† The Reizod Vegan Experience¬†(Columbia, SC) The Southern V¬†(Nashville, TN) The Veg Hub¬†(Oakland, CA) The Vtree¬†(Los Angeles, CA) Tri Lounge Cafe¬†(New York, NY) Trio Plant-Based¬†(Minneapolis, MN) Twisted Plants¬†(Cudahy, WI) Two Mamma‚Äôs Vegan Kitchen¬†(Oakland, CA) Uptown Veg¬†(New York City, NY) Urban Vegan Kitchen¬†(New York City, NY) V-Eats Modern Vegan¬†(Dallas, TX) Vegan Mob¬†(Oakland, CA) Vegans Are Us¬†(Vineland, NJ) Vege-Licious Cafe¬†(Nashville, TN) Vegetarian Restaurant by Hakin¬†(Miami Beach, FL) Veggie Castle¬†(South Richmond Hill, NY) Veg On the Edge¬†(Santa Cruz, CA) Veltree¬†(Charlotte, NC) Verdure Inc¬†(Brooklyn, NY) Viva La Vegan¬†(Atlanta, GA) Wasota Vegan Paradise¬†(Austin, TX) Where It All Vegan¬†(Columbus, OH) Whipped – Urban Dessert Lab¬†(New York, NY) Black-Owned Vegan Bakeries¬†Blackstreet Bakery¬†(Portland, OR) Brewer Bakes¬†(Indianapolis, IN + nationwide shipping) Brown Sugar Baking Company¬†(Seattle, WA) Devi‚Äôs Donuts and Sweets¬†(Long Beach, CA) Guilt Free Pastries¬†(Memphis, TN + nationwide shopping) Heavenly Vegan¬†(The Bronx, NY + nationwide shipping)How Delish HD¬†(West Orange, NJ)Jalen‚Äôs Bakery¬†(Fresno + nationwide shipping) Lush Life Vegan Bakery¬†(Madison, WI + nationwide shipping) Mo‚ÄôPweeze Vegan Bakery¬†(Denville, NJ + nationwide shipping) Shyah‚Äôs Vegan Bakery¬†(nationwide shipping) The Uptown Vegan¬†(New York, NY) The Vegan Doughnut Co.¬†(Lakewood, OH) Vegan Dream Doughnuts¬†(Atlanta, GA) Black-Owned Vegan Food TrucksBurger Hive¬†(Fort Lauderdale, FL) Malibu‚Äôs Burgers¬†(Oakland, CA) Mattie‚Äôs Vegan Eats¬†(Kansas City, MO) Planet Vegan¬†(Fresno, CA) Sassy‚Äôs Vegetarian Soul Food¬†(Austin, TX) Vurger Guyz¬†(Los Angeles, CA) Black-Owned Vegan Pop-Ups & CateringAmeen‚Äôs Foods¬†(Los Angeles, CA) B.A.D. Gyal Vegan¬†(Brooklyn, NY) Bams Vegan¬†(Dallas, TX) Black Rican Vegan¬†(The Bronx, NY) Blufox Co¬†(Los Angeles, CA) Charlie‚Äôs Brownies¬†(Los Angeles, CA)¬† ¬†¬† CLR Trust¬†(New York, NY) Deelish by Deedi¬†(Baltimore, MD) Good Green Grubbery¬†(Washington DC) Krafted Culture Catering¬†(Los Angeles, CA) Lettuce Feast LA¬†(Los Angeles, CA) Louisville Vegan Kitchen¬†(Atlanta, GA) Maya‚Äôs Cajun Kitchen¬†(Mesa, AZ) Merkaba Meals¬†(Kansas City, MO) Naomi Vegan Meets¬†(Hampton, VA)¬† Nanas A Vegan¬†(The Bronx, NY) One Cup¬†(San Diego, CA) Pescky Kitchen¬†(Denver, CO + nationwide shipping) Plant-Based Papi¬†(Portland, OR) Sabrosa Vegana¬†(New York, NY) Sneak Eats¬†(Mount Vernon, NY) Straight Up Fast Food¬†(Los Angeles, CA) The Hood Bruja¬†(Los Angeles, CA) The Remix¬†(San Diego, CA) The Source¬†(San Diego, CA)The Vegan Hood Chefs¬†(San Francisco, CA) The Vegan Lion¬†(San Diego, CA) The Vegan Spot¬†(Kansas City, MO) Topknotch Vegan Vittles¬†(Kansas City, MO) Two Vegan Sistas¬†(Memphis, TN) Urban Soul Grill¬†(Michigan & Ohio) Vegan Crave¬†(Kansas City, MO) Vegan or Nah¬†(Los Angeles, CA) Veg Nation¬†(St. Louis, MI) Voodoo Vegan¬†(Los Angeles, CA) We Be Grubbin‚Äô¬†(Bakersfield & Los Angeles, CA) Zizi‚Äôs Vegan Catering¬†(Charlotte, NC) (list cred: VegNews)
  1. Episode 4- Eminence versus Evidence Based Nutrition
  2. Episode 3- Happy Heart Month! Women’s Heart Health and Prevention with Martha Gulati MD
  3. Episode 2- Your Body in Balance – Hormones and Nutrition with Neal Barnard, MD
  4. Episode 1- New Decade = BIG news! Happy New Year! And #docsgovegan updates
  5. Episode 9- ALL about Plant Based Keto – with Dr. Ethan Weiss and Dr. Carrie Diulus

+ The Doctor Goals Podcast: Dr. Trot hosts this podcast discussing everything from pre-medicine through her experience with residency. She hosts several guests who each share their unique experiences. Great, uplifting stories! Episodes are released variously.

9 Things You'll Want to Know Before Becoming a Doctor The DOCTORGOALS Podcast

The title says it all. You'll want to save this episode.   RATE. REVIEW. SUBSCRIBE! * * * COMFY DOCTORGOALS SHIRTS * * * Did somebody say coffee? Probably not, but you should check this out: Super Coffee РLow calorie + packed with caffeine + sprinkled with protein. Use the code DOCTORGOALS to get 20% OFF your order! drinksupercoffee.com
  1. 9 Things You'll Want to Know Before Becoming a Doctor
  2. MINISODE: Most Memorable Case with Dr. Mariam Molani
  3. Is an MBA Worth It as a Doctor With Dr. Mariam Molani
  4. The Test Taking Strategy That Changed Everything With Dr. Lauren Bessette
  5. Secret to Success: The Lesson That Changed My Perspective

+ Reconciling Medicine: The Drs. Paro (John and Rene), discuss their experience navigating medicine together, and their current lives together. Everything in this pod ranges from insightful storytelling to laughing your butt off. Highly recommend if you want to feel inspired and learn about a powerful physician couple. Episodes are usually released on Fridays.

Episode 39 – Fad Diets Are Dumb Diets Reconciling Medicine

The Doctors Paro will equally make you laugh and ruffle your feathers with this episode about diets. Listen….. we've been working on figuring out the truths about nutrition for weight loss, body composition and overall health. We've fallen into SO MANY "fitness and wellness" traps. After lots of reading and trial and error – we've come to understand a lot.We are in no way dietitians or nutritionists. But the truths we speak of here are backed in nutrition science – no gimmicks. And spoiler alert – the way to achieve the goals most people have when searching for a diet is not sexy or flashy. It's boring and takes way more time then we want it to.Episode Takeaways:Brief Review of Episode 13 Food is Fuel.The Pyramid of Importance.If A Diet Requires You To Buy A Bunch Of Shit, Don't Trust It.If A Diet Promises Fast Results, Don't Trust It.What Are The Reasonable Expectations?Common Diets And Why They Work But Aren't Magic.
  1. Episode 39 – Fad Diets Are Dumb Diets
  2. Episode 38 – Share the Medical Mic with Dr. Lauren Powell
  3. Episode 37 – Fitness in 2020: Racing Towards Justice
  4. Mini Episode – Reconciling Life
  5. Episode 35 – The Quarantine Album

+ This Podcast Will Kill You: Erin, PhD, and Erin, PhD, go through each episode discussing infectious disease 101 with an entire series on COVID-19. Each episode also features recipes for Quarantinis and non-alcoholic Placeboritas. Cheers! *Released periodically :)*

Ep 78 Bartonella: Keep Calm and Carrión This Podcast Will Kill You

‚ÄúLet‚Äôs do Bartonella next,‚ÄĚ we said. ‚ÄúIt‚Äôll be straightforward and fun,‚ÄĚ we promised ourselves. Turns out we were half right. In this fun but not quite straightforward episode, we tackle not one, not two, but three different species of Bartonella bacteria that can cause disease in humans: Bartonella bacilliformis (Carri√≥n‚Äôs disease), B. quintana (trench fever), B. henselae (cat scratch disease). Essentially, we‚Äôre giving you three mini-turned-maxisodes for the price of one! For each pathogen, we review its surprisingly strange biology, take a brief tour of its history, and wrap up with a look at its current status across the globe, comparing and contrasting along the way. By the end of this ride, you‚Äôll be bursting with Bartonella trivia, in awe of dental pulp, and scratching your head about the transmission of cat scratch fever. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
  1. Ep 78 Bartonella: Keep Calm and Carrión
  2. Ep 77 Legionnaires' Disease: A Killer Mist
  3. Ep 76 Chickenpox: There's always a 'but'
  4. Ep 75 Mercury: The cost of progress
  5. COVID-19 Chapter 20: Looking forward by looking back

Life Pods

+ Life Kit: NPR’s series that is a short clip of “how-tos” ranging from how to talk about uncomfortable things to getting a puppy. I love the organization of this pod and I always learn something new!

Summer Reading Starter Kit: Young Adult Novels Life Kit

Whether you're a longtime fan or just thinking about how and where to get started in YA, we've got you covered with some recommendations, some thoughts about what YA is and is not, and some things to look for as you wade into the inviting but turbulent waters of Young Adult fiction.
  1. Summer Reading Starter Kit: Young Adult Novels
  2. Smart Investing Tips For Beginners
  3. How To Talk About Divorce With Your Children
  4. What You Should Know About The Delta Variant
  5. 4 Tips For Cleaning Up Your Social Media Diet

+ Rise: Rachel Hollis is an inspiring lady. This one is full of empowering messages, inspirational speakers, and ways to help your feel good. I highly recommend her books, too! *released weekly*

+ As a Woman: Dr. Natalie Crawford is a reproductive endocrinologist (or fertility physician), which she discusses in depth, but she also discusses her perspectives of going through medicine as a woman. Her podcast is inspiring to myself as an aspiring physician, but also an empowered woman.

True Crime Pods:

+ Crime Junkie: Ashley + Britt take a deep-dive into a new crime each week – whether it’s solved or not. Their ability to deliver the story makes you wish it was never over. They duo is huge on advocating for personal safety and bringing justice to these crimes they describe.

+ Counterclock: Delia D’Ambra is a reporter who has done an excellent job bringing light to the unsolved case of Denise Johnson from over 20 years ago. Because of this podcast, there have been new leads and it is not longer considered “cold.” Season 2 is coming soon, but in the meantime, you can binge all of season 1.

+ Park Predators: Delia D’Ambra is at it again with this one. 11 episode-mini series explaining a different crime taken place in a National Park. The sound effects, story-telling, and descriptions help me picture each park scene she describes. Edge-of-your-seat type of stuff here.

Wondery Series Pods

These are usually 6-part episodes that give you an inside look to several hot-topic scenarios including serial killers, deviant behavior, and true crime. Some of my favorites are listed below.

A neurosurgeon practicing when he shouldn’t be. My jaw was on the floor the entire show.
The Dating Game Killer was around in the 1970s when the country was terrified of the threat of emerging serial killers. It blows my mind the amount of loopholes this man made it through to keep reoffending.
All about the infamous life of Jeffery Epstein. While disgusting, if you’re interested in more information about this man, I recommend this podcast.
Yep, just like the popular Netflix show. I liked this one better than the show, however.
All about the Golden State Killer.
Kim Goldman, the sister of Ron Goldman, also killed by OJ Simpson. I loved this perspective.

Thank you for reading! Enjoy these fantastic shows in your free time as I do.




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