Ethics Under The Knife

Dr. Matt Koepke is an oral maxillofacial surgeon who has gone through dental school, and furthered his education in surgery. He has written a book on modern ethics, and specifically, what goes on behind the scenes in healthcare.

I won’t disclose the extent of the content or nature of his stories leaving you to experience it yourself, but I will tell you that it gives rise to some of the things we don’t think about (as both patients and providers), while a patient is sedated.

Dr. Koepke is an advocate for good, genuine practice and bringing back why we practice medicine. He identifies as an optimist, and his positive attitude throughout the book is contagious. I really appreciate the direction he is working toward in the field of medicine.

Who do I recommend for?

Anyone who has ever been a patient and those who practice/will practice medicine.

What else?

This is a quick-read (about 70 pages) and provides great insight in such little content. I am hoping Dr. Koepke writes more on this topic!

Find it on Amazon for $9.95. 

For those that choose to read or have read this book already, let me know what you think of this topic!

as always, happy reading!




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