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Medicine is an exciting, thrilling, and a sometimes dramatic field. We as humans are drawn to these things and tend to crave to know the “whys” in life. As a result of this, there are several fictional TV dramas that highlight these elements of medicine. People love medicine. Some of these shows include Grey’s Anatomy, House, Chicago Med, The Night Shift, Scrubs, etc.

In the shows I mentioned above, actors are playing doctors and patients alike and at the end of each episode, each case is solved. So we can take a deep breath, just like real-life medicine, right? 😉

I am as guilty as anyone that can indulge in watching these shows. As future and present clinicians, we know these shows are just for entertainment. Alike other medical dramas and comedies, there are a few shows I am sharing with you that are also television series, but show you a more realistic side of medicine. And hey, you may even learn something new!

  1. Hopkins:

Many have heard of John’s Hopkins University and hospital in Baltimore. Hopkins is a series done by ABC in both 1999 and then again in 2008. I was first introduced to this in high school (thank you, again, Mrs. Adams) and since, I have watched several episodes. You will get an inside look at the life of highly specialized doctors, medical residents, and the patients they take care of.

*find full series on YouTube – search “Hopkins” or here!

2. New York Med & Boston Med 

These two shows are follow up series of Hopkins and are also produced by ABC. As you watch them, you will see a lot of the things you saw in Hopkins, just even more technologically advanced. Another plus to these series is that you are able to see some of the real-life problems that practitioners face in issues like insurance, social media, and limitations of their practices.

*find full series on YouTube – search “New York Med” and “Boston Med” or here +also right here 😀

3. Dr. G.: Medical Examiner

Dr. Jan Garavaglia’s TV show displays her work as a forensic pathologist. Many of her cases show the time and manner of death as she uses her highly specialized training to solve each case.

This show gives the viewer an inside look of the morgue and the details of what a medical examiner does. It shows you the intricacy of forensic medicine from things like gun shot wounds’ point and angle of entry, what injuries are consistent with foul play, and a basic pathological analysis on each case.

Though this show is educational and informative, it has been dramatized to respect the deceased and their families. There are plenty of scenario recreations to help you understand the bigger picture.

You’ll also learn there is much more to being a medical examiner than simply performing an autopsy. Dr. G. shows other components of her work life including speaking with other physicians, gathering evidence from authorities, and communicating with friends and family to collect data, and put clues together. It isn’t uncommon to see some of Dr. G’s personal life where she’ll mention her husband, a pediatric trauma surgeon, and her children. She will often mention that her line of work has taught her how important life is and how much she values her family and the time she gets to spend with them.

Many of mention how kind and intelligent Dr. G is in communicating and providing answers to them.

This show is great if you’re interested in seeing some interesting medical cases, and because it is TV, you will get a suspenseful thrill with each case. 😉

*Unfortunately, you will not find this show on air anymore. Dr G. retired from her practice in 2015. However, you can find full length episodes on YouTube – search “Dr. G. Medical Examiner” or here!

Questions, comments, other show suggestions? I’d love to hear from you!

Contact me @medicinemyosinmadeline@gmail.com !





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