Confessions of a Surgeon: a review

Dr. Paul Ruggieri is a general surgeon who practices both general surgery and laparoscopic surgery.


Throughout his story, he discusses the unwritten of being a surgeon and what training entails.

My favorite aspect this book is how Dr. Ruggieri uses specific cases he’s encountered over his training and practice to help relay the emotional effect dealing with real patients and their families is in reality. It creates a tie to the cases, the doctor, and the reader.


The  chapters include:

The Making of a Surgeon” where he discusses the perils of surgical residency

Are Surgeons Human”, where he talks about how his experience working through personal biases and experiences which later make him a better doctor.

First, Try no Harm”, which he discusses inevitable errors in his work, and dealing with the consequences as both a human, and a surgeon

The White Coat Code of Silence”, he discusses healthcare as a whole breaking down costs, care, and inevitably doing what’s best for the patient.

“Surgeons Hate Surprises” covers the challenges surgeons face within their line of work and the critical thinking the career requires.

“This Won’t Hurt a Bit” unveils the testing and expenses for the case of defensive medicine; so doctors have their bases covered in ensuring a correct diagnosis and prevention of a law suit on their hands.

“Patients are the Best Teachers” explains simple life-lessons Dr. Ruggieri has learned through time such as humility, and the human spirit as a practicing surgeon.

“Thoughts on Death and Lawsuits” shares Dr. Ruggieri’s perspective of reality he’s faced with death after his first cadaver he learned from in medical school anatomy. He also discusses the truth and inevitability of malpractice suits faced as a surgeon.

“Will Your Surgeon be There” is the last chapter where Dr. Ruggieri is called into a gynecological surgery in the early hours of the morning. He and the ob/gyn discuss the future of medicine, work hours, and how many medical students are opting to not go into surgery due to the lack of work/life balance he has experienced firsthand.

Recommend?  –> yes!

Price? –> under $16.

Where to find? –> Amazon 🙂  ↓

Other comments: A quick read with a great perspective for anyone who is in or is choosing to  purse medicine.

More information can be found on Dr. Ruggieri’s website !

Your thoughts? Comment below or shoot me an email! –>


Happy reading!






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